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Former President Donald Trump speaks during the 'Save America' rally at the Montgomery County Fairgrounds on January 29, 2022 in Conroe, Texas.

Former President Donald Trump speaks during the ‘Save America’ rally at the Montgomery County Fairgrounds on January 29, 2022 in Conroe, Texas.
Photo by Brandon Bell/Getty Images
  • Former President Donald Trump held another “Save America Rally” on Saturday in Conroe, Texas.
  • Trump has not announced if he will run again but hinted at taking back the White House.
  • The National Governors Association’s Republican chair said he doesn’t think Trump should run again.

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Despite not formally announcing his candidacy, former President Donald Trump strongly hinted at a presidential re-election bid during his “Save America Rally” on Saturday night in Conroe, Texas.

“And in 2024, we are going to take back that beautiful, beautiful house that happens to be white, that is so magnificent, and that we all love. We are going to take back the White House,” Trump said during his speech.

—חסידישע מידיא (@realhasidic) January 30, 2022

Throughout the rally, the former president took jabs at Democratic leadership and stuck to his usual talking points about issues like immigration and COVID-19, which he read from prompters and prepared comments.

If Trump does decide to run in 2024, he faces an uphill battle to become the Republican presidential nominee.

Recent polling by the Marquette University Law School found that found that 43% of adults nationwide would support President Joe Biden if the 2024 presidential election were held today, while 33% would vote for Trump, according to The Hill. However, Biden polled slightly worse in a hypothetical race against Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, a potential Republican contender for the nomination.

Asa Hutchinson, who serves as the Republican chairman of the National Governors Association, said on Saturday that he does not think Trump should lead the party or country as president. Instead, Hutchinson said Republicans should consider “different voices” within their party.

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