Swiss Minister’s Data Exposed After Buying Crypto, Paper Says – The Straits Times

NEW YORK (BLOOMBERG) – Swiss federal councillor Alain Berset was the victim of a data breach that made his address, private e-mail and home phone number public after a company he used to buy cryptocurrency was hacked, Swiss newspaper Le Matin Dimanche reported.

French tech firm Ledger SAS, which offers services including the purchase, storage and security of cryptocurrencies, suffered a cyber attack in June 2020 and Mr Berset was among the customers whose data was compromised, the newspaper said.

Mr Berset’s address and phone number in the canton of Fribourg could be found on the Dark Web, a part of the Internet where stolen personal data is sometimes sold, according to the newspaper.

Mr Berset is the minister for Switzerland’s Department of Home Affairs, which has been a lead agency for the Alpine nation’s coronavirus pandemic response. A spokesman for the department confirmed to Le Matin that Mr Berset “bought cryptocurrencies a few years ago privately, in order to understand how they work”.

The spokesman did not give the amount the politician invested nor whether he still owned any cryptocurrency. Mr Berset was previously unaware of the data breach at Ledger, the person said.

Ledger says on its website that it warned its customers by e-mail after the 2020 cyber attack. It also says their assets have never been threatened, and that no information concerning specific amounts or transactions was stolen.