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WaveTunnelTM Technology Delivers an Intelligent, Indoor, Broadband Backhaul Solution for the Enterprise with the Performance of Fiber, but Without Costly and Cumbersome Cabling.

SANTA CLARA, Calif., April 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Airvine’s WaveTunnel technology has begun to ship to selected enterprise accounts worldwide.  Those deployments have generated great excitement and we are planning on general availability in Q3.  This technology will completely revolutionize enterprise indoor networking by delivering the broadband backhaul speeds required by technologies like Wi-Fi 6/6E, but without any of the limitations of having to pull wire.

Early deployments are with enterprise clients in the multi-dwelling unit (MDU), manufacturing, warehousing, and hospitality sectors.  These clients have a strong need for a high-performance backhaul solution that is quick and easy to install, and can easily accommodate rapid moves, adds, and changes.  The do-it-yourself nature of a WaveTunnel installation is also a compelling feature.  

“We are very excited to begin shipments of our ground-breaking WaveTunnel technology.  There has been great enthusiasm on the part of our pilot customers who are eager to get this technology into their production networks.  The pilot phase has been massively oversubscribed.” Vivek Ragavan, CEO, Airvine

New enterprise wireless deployments of Wi-Fi 6/6E require high-performance backhaul. Yet existing cabling may be insufficient – either poor quality, or in the wrong places. Indoor private 4G and 5G deployments face similar challenges in the future as well. Wireless backhaul solutions such as Airvine’s have the potential to be a disruptor in these scenarios.Dean Bubley, Director at Disruptive Analysis

“Airvine’s solution is very impressive, and it will be a game-changer.  The days of disrupting the enterprise with technicians stringing wire through drop ceilings and heating ducts is over. The future is about quick and effortless installs of broadband wireless backhaul technology.  This is the latest in an industry trend toward Replace The Wire Technology” Claus Hetting, CEO Wi-Fi NOW Events

Airvine is developing an entirely new class of wireless technology that utilizes unlicensed spectrum in the 60 GHz band (57 to 71 GHz in the U.S.) to backhaul indoor enterprise data traffic.  It’s the perfect fit for enterprise customers that:

  1. Can’t tolerate the long disruptions required to pull wire
  2. Need fast and effortless moves, adds, and changes
  3. Have situations where it’s very difficult to pull wire
  4. Are planning additional access networks that require backhaul; Examples here include IT, OT, xR (augmented reality), and private 5G (future)
  5. Have an urgent business need for immediate or temporary connectivity
  6. Need broadband backhaul to support Wi-Fi 6/6E access networks
  7. Lease their facility and want to avoid the large sunk cost of a structured wiring upgrade

The Magic of Airvine technology can be found in the following:

  1. Very high-gain beamforming arrays (~30 dBi) that can easily punch through most building materials. 
  2. Sophisticated software that can manage traffic flows and route around obstructions. 
  3. Automatic beam steering, which makes installations effortless. 
  4. Multi-gigabit/sec data transfer rates.
  5. No RF expertise is required to install and manage the network.

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About AirvineAirvine is a fast-growing Silicon Valley innovator of intelligent broadband wireless backhaul solutions for the enterprise. The company has developed the industry’s first indoor 60 GHz wireless system that exceeds the speed and rivals the reliability of structured wiring solutions at a fraction of the deployment time and cost. Patented RF innovations extend the range and gain of wireless signals, penetrating walls and steering around obstacles that impede transmission.

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